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Global Adhesives Manufacturer Operating in Many Markets & ApplicationsInnovative Adhesive Products and Solutions
Green building is now the norm, and we are committed to improving lives and protecting our planet. Through a wide selection of trusted solutions, we are helping manufacturers create long-lasting, energy-efficient and beautiful windows for any design or application. Whether we’re creating new sealant formulations, manufacturing products, or providing responsive customer support, we offer only the most advanced window glass sealant solutions.

We understand that the durability and reliability of a window relies heavily on the quality of insulating sealants and desiccants used in the manufacturing process. Because our customers require materials that can be used in a wide range of applications without sacrificing performance, we offer the premier industry-leading products for insulating glass sealants and desiccants, reactive thermoplastic spacers, window assembly adhesives, and glazing adhesives.

The addition of Kömmerling glass adhesives and sealants to H.B. Fuller’s portfolio not only strengthens our product line but also adds decades of experience and expertise to our team. Together, we can provide all of your insulating glass (IG) sealants from a single source.

Durable and Reliable Energy Efficient Solutions

Window Spacers 

Standard (Box), Composite and Foam Spacers - Our primary sealants and reactive and non-reactive secondary sealants are laboratory- and field-tested in a variety of extreme and accelerated aging conditions, ensuring reliability and application flexibility. We offer a solution for nearly every IG configuration: butyl-based, hotmelt, reactive hotmelt, polyisobutylene, polysulfide, polyurethane, silicone, and thermoplastic spacers.

OurKödispaceand Ködispace 4SG Warm Edge Spacer Systems with integrated desiccant are characterized by an extremely low moisture vapor transmission rate, good gas retention, high flexibility and long service life. 

TheIntercept® Spacer System and GED lines were designed for speed, efficiency and quality, creating a perfect fit for our desiccant matrix, Insul-Cure® IG Sealant HL5153B and our broad line of hotmelt butyls.

Ambient Applied Secondary Sealants

  • Superior heat and weathering resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to glass and spacer
  • Meets ASTM E2190 and CGSB 12 8
Details & Documentation
Used for polysulfide secondary sealant for insulating glass
2K Polysulfide|Reactive Chemistry
Used for polyurethane secondary sealant for insulating glass
2K Polyurethane|Reactive Chemistry
Used for one component silicone secondary sealant for insulating glass
1K Silicone|Reactive Chemistry
Used for 2 component silicone secondary sealant for insulating glass
2K Silicone|Reactive Chemistry
魔王神官和勇者美少女最新章节目录_魔王神官和勇者美少女 ,对学生会长的忠告漫画最新章节免费阅读_对学生会长的忠告 ,狼群影院最新章节列表_狼群影院最新章节列表

Backbedding and Glazing

  • Silicone Polyurethane and Butyl Tapes
  • Wide range of application methods
  • Meets FGIA 800 standards
Details & Documentation
Kodiglaze P
Used for ambient applied wet glazing sealant for high strength window bonding
2K Polyurethane|Reactive Chemistry
Kodiglaze SDG
Used for ambient applied wet glazing sealant for window bonding
2K Silicone|Reactive Chemistry

Desiccant Matrix

  • Warm melt technolgy designed for Intercept
  • Excellent drying capacity
  • Superior adhesion
Details & Documentation
Insul-Dri® WM150
Used for low application temperature matrix for use with reactive hot melt
Hot Melt|Hot Melt

Hotmelt Secondary Sealant

  • Easy to use Single Component IG Sealant excellent adhesion to Glass and Spacer
  • Excellent moisture vapor resistance and gas retention
  • Meets ASTM E2190 and CGSB 12 7
Details & Documentation
Isomelt M
Used for engineered for automated ig manufacturing equipment
Butyl|Hot Melt
Kodimelt IG
Used for premium butyl with high strength adhesion to glass and metal
Butyl|Hot Melt

Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives For Laminating Glass

  • Security Soundproofing and Media Functionality
  • Based on multi component catalytic or single part ultra violet curing platforms
Details & Documentation
Used for production of laminated glass with structural or security-relevant properties
Polyurethane|Reactive Chemistry
Kodilan LED
Used for production of laminated glass with multimedia properties
Acrylic|Reactive Chemistry
Used for production of laminated glass with soundproofing properties
Acrylic|Reactive Chemistry

Primary Insulating Glass Sealants

  • Extremely Low Moisture Vapor and insulating gas transmission rates
  • Good adhesion to glass and spacer
  • Meets ASTM E2190 and CGSB 12 8
Details & Documentation
Used for black primary insulating glass sealant
Hot Melt|Polyisobulylene
Used for black primary insulating glass sealant
Hot Melt|Polyisobulylene
Used for reactive primary sealant for improved chemical and heat resistance
Reactive Chemistry|Reactive PIB
PIB 32
Used for primary insulating glass sealant gray
Hot Melt|Polyisobulylene

Reactive Hotmelt Secondary Sealants

  • Single component hybrid IG sealants
  • Good moisture vapor resistance and gas retention
  • Combines strength of thermosets with handling properties of hot melts
Details & Documentation
Insul-Cure® IG Sealant HL5153B
Used for hybrid pur with superior physical properties
Reactive Chemistry|Reactive Hotmelt
Isomelt R
Used for hybrid reactive butyl with excellent barrier properties
Reactive Chemistry|Reactive Hotmelt

Warm Edge Spacer

  • Robotically applied reactive thermoplastic spacer
Details & Documentation
Kodispace 4SG
Used for termoplastic spacer for insulating glass
Reactive Chemistry

Window and Door Assembly Products

  • Corner Key Adhesives
  • Door Lite Adhesives
  • Profile wrapping
Details & Documentation
Used for reactive hot melt corner key adhesivewindow assembly adhesives
Reactive Chemistry|Reactive Hotmelt
Used for nonreactive corner key adhesive
Hot Melt|Polyamide
Used for solvent based primer for window profile wrapping
Swiftlock 4780
Used for pur hot melt for exterior pvc window profile wrapping ral certified
swift®melt 2H791
Used for foamable hot melt for sealing door lites
Hot Melt|Hot Melt
Used for single component liquid moisture curing profile wrap adhesive
LMC (Liquid Moisture Cure)|Reactive Chemistry

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